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Quintessence London Extreme Glowing Skin Care Luxury Set

Quintessence London Extreme Glowing Skin Care Luxury Set


The Quintessence London Skin Care Extreme Luxury Set is an exceptional addition to your daily skincare routine. The set comprises natural ingredients that give your skin an authentic glowing tone. The set includes moisturizing brightening glycerin and lotion that smoothens your skin's texture, improves your skin complexion, and gives you a radiant glow effect for uniform skin colour. The set also includes a concentrate serum that helps reduce dark spots and imperfections, giving you spot-free skin. You can start your day by taking a pampering shower or bath with exceptional brightening scrub artisanal soap. The soap is made with a softening olive oil base and apricot stones, which helps remove dead cells, leaving you feeling ready to take on the day. Remember to love your skin and let it glow with your success!

This set is perfect for dark skin tones.

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