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Not Only a Beauty Shop 

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Who We Are

The Story

Quintessence London since 1995, has been launch by Samuel Ufondu and Luisa Scialla. 

Their solid marriage of over 40 years has been shared only by a wide range of products made with love.

The matrimony of Samuel, Nigerian, and Luisa, Italian, created a notable sensation at the time in a small village in southern Italy, yet like a fairy tale with a happy ending, they survived racism and ignorance, had a lot of support and created dedicated beauty lines for dark skins inspired by their daughters.

Our company, together with our teem, not only offers beauty products, but satisfies the needs of an accurate and loyal clientele, customer satisfaction is always our priority.
  Our products are offered to the public through our stores and online stores, the best spas and shops, the best hairdressers and barbershops.

  • We offer wholesale services, customized products with your own logo and made-to-measure formula.

  • We support the equality of all individuals on this planet, we are against all forms of racism and bullying.

  • We respect nature offering eco-friendly brands and vegan products.

For more information, if you want to share suggestions or collaborations, get in touch anytime, we are always at your complete disposal.​

Thank you for choosing and supporting us.