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Arganics® Skin, Hair and Nails Treatments.   Arganics line is made with Pure Argan Oil from Morocco.   The brands offers a range of products for healthy hair and body.  Special for dry and damaged skin, wrinkles, acne, stretch marks, sport and scars.  Ideal for chemically damaged hair.

Quintessence London skin care products collection ideal for black and dark complextion, especially designed for pigmentary spots, blemish free and protection against bacteria. Only safe products made with plant extracts. Hydroquinone free. Our wide selection of Quintessence products will leave you wanting more.

Kingston Jamaican Black Castor Oil line is produced and processed in the traditional Jamaican / Haitian way. Kingston line is designed to strengthen and accelerate hair growth. Stop by our Beauty Care Product Shop today to see what products we’ve got in stock.

Phoenix® Line presents a cosmetic line designed for functional products.
Phoenix offers 100% natural smoothing caspules with regenerating facial action, phial for capillary trophism, body lotions to correct skin imperfections.
Only high quality products.

BrazilianOil® skin and hair care line developed with Brazil nut oil, contains 75% unsaturated fatty acids composed mainly of oleic and linolenic acids, as well as the phytosterol, beta-sitosterol and fat-soluble vitamin E.
This unique line is ideal against dry, brittle and damaged hair, mature aging skin, dry cracked skin, lip care, eczema and psioriasis.

PreciousOil® returned to the ancient secrets of beauty, only natural and genuine products for perfect skin and hair care, 100% natural.    Benefits without side effects.    These exclusive oils can be used for massages, skin and hair treatments. The Best 100% Pure Organic Precious Oils.


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Who We Are

The Story

Quintessence London 1995, has been launched by Samuel and Luisa. 

Their solid marriage of over 40 years has been shared only by a wide range of products made with love.

The matrimony of Samuel and Luisa created a notable sensation at the time in a small village in southern Italy, yet like a fairy tale with a happy ending, they survived racism and ignorance, had a lot of support and created dedicated beauty lines for dark skins inspired by their daughters.

Our company not only offers beauty products but satisfies the needs of an accurate and loyal clientele, customer satisfaction is always our priority.

 Our products are offered to the public through our stores and online stores, the best spas and shops, and the best hairdressers and barbershops.


  • We offer wholesale services, customized products with your logo and made-to-measure formula.

  • We support the equality of all individuals on this planet and against all forms of racism and bullying.


  • We respect nature offering eco-friendly brands and vegan products.



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